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Matthew Henry, says that fasting serves to “put an edge upon devout affections.”

Fasting, like the gospel, isn’t for the self-sufficient and those who feel they have it all together. It’s for the poor in spirit. It’s for those who mourn. For the meek. For those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. It’s for those who know that they depend completely on God for everything! In other words, fasting is for Christians.

We would therefore like to invite you to join us in a time of fasting and prayer from 16-22 November. Some might want to fast from one meal during the day, others might skip two. We could also fast from using those devices that rule our lives, or maybe from an hour or so sleep in the mornings.


Monday A day of repentance and seeking the Lord’s face.

Tuesday Provision of a man to lead the West Church plant.

Wednesday Salvation of family members, friends and people in our church.

Thursday Mission focus (place and resources)

Friday West Church plant. (church planter, outreach, growth and godliness)

Saturday A day of thanksgiving and praise.

Sunday We’ll come together for prayer at 9:45 before the worship service.



Please be wise in what you choose to give up, especially if you choose not to eat and have medical problems. Know the physical limits you might have and make sure not to put yourself in danger! For those fasting from food, make sure to drink ample fluids and break the fast slowly.


Andrew Snowball

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