André was appointed pastor of Shore Baptist Church in November 2013. He studied at the London Theological Seminary and served as missionary, church planter and pastor in Russia, South Africa and Germany since 1993. André does most of the preaching and pastoral ministry in the church and strongly believes in expository preaching through whole books of the Bible. André, who was born in South Africa is married to Masha, who was born in Russia and together they have three children, Stephen, Daniel (who was born in England) and Anya.

Fred has been at Shore Baptist since 1988 and an elder since 1999. He has a Tongan/German background and grew up on the North Shore. Fred graduated with a Bachelor of Laws in 1979 and practised as a Solicitor. He then went on to serve in the NZ Defence Force before joining a family-owned importing business where he has worked ever since. He is married to Suzi and they are the grateful parents of Kruger, Maike, Freya, Vanja and Seini.

Aaron is an architectural designer and builder. He and his wife, Nancy, have both worshipped at Shore Baptist since they were children and have been active in many different areas of church life. Aaron served as a deacon before accepting the call to Eldership in December 2015. He and Nancy, who serves as church Treasurer, have been blessed with eight children: Ashton, Hunter, Cooper, Tayla, Maia, Marlon, Lienna and Zane.

In 2016, Shore Baptist Church took the unprecedented step of appointing a paid Intern to study with and aid our pastor, André Bay. Jeremy took on that role and soon proved himself to be a great blessing to the church. He did an excellent job, leading the Youth Ministry, starting a new Care Group, meeting with young adults and youth to establish discipleship, encourage fellowship and he has gone from strength to strength faithfully preaching God’s word on several occasions. In 2017, Jeremy graduated from Intern to Assistant Pastor, and in 2018 was appointed to the Eldership. Shortly after that he married Erica in Texas.

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